Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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I could not leave my house this evening without sharing with you how GREAT and MAGNIFICENT and AWESOME and POWERFUL and MIGHTY and just AMAZING the God we serve is. If you don't KNOW Him, may God use these words to bring you to Him so that you may be fulfilled and satisfied by the ONE who has given everything.

All I desire in this world is to serve God and to love Him with all of my being. Often times my flesh hinders me and I press in through prayer that He might lead me closer to Him and give me a heart that is willing to praise Him more.

I've tried to explain praising God in the midst of suffering with people, and although it sounds like a nice idea, I feel as though many peoples' response sadly enough is, "ya, but I just can't do that...," or "ya, I know but...this is just something you can't pray for.." Who do you believe God is? Read His word.

Please know that my writing comes from the deepest places of my heart, from a broken and healed heart, from a place of humility, from a place of simple awe in who God is to me.

He answers prayers. He answers prayers. He says in scripture, His ears are attentive to us.

My bible study group has been going over Hebrews since late June. Last Wednesday we just finished going over Hebrews 11. The whole chapter is on men and woman of faith. The author of Hebrews goes on to name several men and woman that God chose to use for His own glory, for His purpose.

Let me back up some...2 weeks ago when we were closing up our bible study with prayer, I asked the group to pray for Matt Chandler and his family. We prayed that God would use his life to bring Glory to Himself. Think about it..how many of you know who Matt Chandler is? God has used him not only in the DFW area, or Texas or the nation...but the world. Nations are hearing his sermons and chasing after God with fiery hearts! God is working in Matt and through him for HIS glory. What other way than to bring a man to the lowest place of surrender and show himself through this man's life!? It teaches us to have faith. We don't know what the end holds for Matt. This may be his last days and this may be the beginning of an even stronger testimony that God will use through Matt to bring others closer to Him. I encourage you to read through Hebrews 11 and meditate on the stories that God chose to use with His servants. These lives required faith to move mountains and it was given freely to them. Look at the types of people God used.

When you are finished reading google Matt Chandler's video that was recorded several hours before his surgery. Do you have the same faith? Pray for this faith. Satan is the only one telling you you should be ashamed if you don't have the same faith. It is GOD who calls you into His throne room pushing you on closer to Him and asks that you PRAY FOR A DEEPER FAITH. Know that what you are asking for will require God to put you in situations that will test your faith, but by HIS grace He will help you surrender all that you are holding onto.

This faith is what brings you into an intimate relationship with the King of all Kings! Praise HIM!!

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  1. Hey girl! I absolutely love this!!! You are so good with sharing words, especially God's word! Continue the great work, you make Him proud!! :)
    ps do you go to the Village?? i have been going there for 2 1/2 years now... anyways good to hear from you, I always enjoy your posts!